BDUB was formed by two long time friends who met each other in grade school in the suburbs just outside of Phoenix. Kevin Taylor, aka Lance Ito and Jeremy Jones, aka J1s met playing on the same little league team Kevin’s Father coached for. The bond grew tighter over the years as they got older especially with their passion for marijuana and hip hop. Not too long after graduating high school, they decided to put together a small hip hop group named XXI. As the group grew older, several members decided to take different paths in life. This was where Ito and J1s conceived the new group and called themselves BDUB, short for Black & White. Ito and J1s, both produce their own music which has always given them an edge over other group’s sounds. They always knew their sound was original and much different than anything being played on the radio or in clubs.

They performed small venues throughout Phoenix and Tempe. As they got older, they decided to take a small break from the music industry and focus on building families and careers. Years have passed but their fire never died. In the summer of 2014, they decided it was time to give it another go, putting everything they had into their music. They invested most of their hard earned money back into themselves giving them the creative power to take their music to the next level. Their sound speaks for itself. Good music is good music and they write and create each song with that in mind.